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Posted: November 18, 2019

Public Charge Resources

Click HERE for CCALAC’s Public Charge Resources library.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

On July 16, 2021, a Federal District Court judge in Texas issued a ruling in Texas v. U.S. limiting the DACA program and declaring it unlawful. Effective immediately, the court’s decision prohibits the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) from approving any new DACA applications. While new applications will no longer be approved, renewals will continue to move forward. It is also important to note that individuals who currently have DACA will keep their protections, and pending renewal applications will be processed normally.

CA PIF Outreach & Communications Workgroup Patient-Facing Materials

CPCA leads an Outreach & Communications Workgroup under the CA-PIF efforts – they have created three community-facing documents to help consumers navigate the health system, prepare for a meeting with an attorney around public charge and information about how to obtain COVID-19 testing and services. Resources are also available in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Tagalog and Korean.

Training Request: Promoting Safe Access to Care for California Immigrants

The California Protecting Immigrant Families (PIF) Coalition’s Outreach and Communications Workgroup formed an online training request form for partners to request trainings based on their communities’ needs. The overarching message of the trainings is simply that California immigrants and undocumented individuals are eligible to use public services such as COVID-19 testing, treatment and vaccines, Medi-Cal, CalFresh, WIC, Head Start, Food Banks and more. Request a training here. 

CPCA – “Know Your Rights” Resources

Visit CPCA’s Know Your Rights Immigration Resources page to learn more about how to support you health center in protecting immigrant communities from ICE. Resources include Know Your Rights resources in multiple languages and CPCA’s Immigration toolkit for health centers.

CHIRLA Immigrant Assistance Toll Free Help Line: 888-624-4752

The CHIRLA Community Education team is prepared to answer questions with referral information for patients who may feel sick or may not know what to do. COVID-19 posters with information and CHIRLA’s help line can be downloaded in English and Spanish. 

CIPC COVID-19 Resource Guide for Immigrants in California

Click HERE for the California Immigrant and Policy Center’s Resource Guide for Immigrants in California.

Doctors for Immigrants: “Sanctuary Hospital” Project

Enforcement-Related Resources

Memo on Sponsor Responsibilities

Know Your Rights Resources

Health Center Immigration Policies & Procedures

“Sensitive Locations” Guidance and Resources

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City of Los Angeles


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