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Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County


Ad-Hoc Consulting

CCALAC has strategic partnerships with industry leaders and advocacy groups in order to offer a wide range of ad-hoc consulting services and advocacy support. Through a contracted agreement with Ramsell, CCALAC provides 340B audit services to review 340B Policies and Procedures, Contract Pharmacy agreements, OPA database information (OPAIS) and detection of duplicate discount and diversion. Working with CPCA our team provides advocacy support on statewide Pharmacy issues and serves as Technical Assistance for Pharmacy/Dispensary issues to clinics across the state.
CCALAC is able to offer ad-hoc consulting on a variety of pharmacy projects including opening a clinic pharmacy, maximizing the 340B program, corrective action plan development in response to outside audits , dispensary operations, controlled substance management, and any medication related issues.

Participants:Licensed Community Clinics and Health Centers across California
Sponsored by:Service Fees
STAFF Contact:Rosie Jadidian