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Spotlight on Innovation


Below you will find stories of companies using innovation to better the lives of many people in their area, and all around the world.

Caring for Perinatal Patients with Substance Use Disorders

At least one in five childbearing persons in the U.S. will experience a mental health or substance use disorder (SUD) during pregnancy or in the first year postpartum. To reflect on the experience of perinatal SUD treatment, we spoke with Dr. Nadejda Bespalova, a perinatal and addiction psychiatrist and Acting Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Washington. During our conversation, Dr. Bespalova shared her reflections on a case of a pregnant patient who had a history of substance use.

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Innovative Program Expands Support for Perinatal Mental Health Care Capacity in LA County

Six months after the launch of a collaborative to improve perinatal health, a new cohort of Los Angeles health centers will implement the innovative program. TCC Family Health (TCC) and St. John’s Community Health (St. John’s) joined the Los Angeles County Maternal Mental Health Access (LAMMHA) program as part of a second cohort implementing the evidence-based collaborative care model (CoCM) to treat common mental health conditions in primary care.

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ECHO Perinatal Case Conferences Provide Support with Maternal Mental Health

Providers need support when presented with a pregnant or postpartum patient with a complicated history, symptoms, or situation. Luckily, there is someone they can turn to who can troubleshoot with them, through the Los Angeles Maternal Mental Health Access (LAMMHA) ECHO Perinatal Case Conference Series. The monthly LAMMHA webinar, based on the successful ECHO Model, brings together doctors, nurses, behavioral health clinicians, and other staff working to support new families in Los Angeles County during their pregnancy and postpartum journeys and provides them an opportunity to learn from one another.

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Kheir Center: Merging Technological Innovation with Cultural Competency to Foster Healthier Communities

KHEIR (Korean Health Education Information Research) Center Established in 1986 and serving more than 10,000 patients per year, Kheir (Korean Health Education, Information and Research) Center was initially created to connect members of the Korean community who have low incomes, are recent immigrants, and are non-English-speaking with local health and social service providers. Today, Kheir is a broad-based agency that provides comprehensive health care and human services through its Clinics, Adult Day Health Care center, and Enabling Services to under-resourced and uninsured residents of Southern California.

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Via Care Community Health Center: Building on a Foundation of Empowering Patients

Via CareVia Care builds on a foundation of empowering patients to take control of their health and lives, offering extensive family planning, health screenings, and health education, in addition to primary and acute care. Behavioral health services help provide confidential, accessible counseling and support that mitigates the stigma usually associated with seeking mental health treatment.

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Tarzana Treatment Centers: Partnering to Lower the Cost of Care by Treating Chronic Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

Tarzana Treatment Centers: Partnering to Lower the Cost of Care by Treating Chronic Mental Health and Substance Use DisordersSince 1971, Tarzana Treatment Centers has integrated behavioral health with primary care first for the benefit of the patient, but also because integrated care results in lower costs and better health outcomes.

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ParkTree Community Health Center: Expanding Its Value to the Community Through Innovation

To be the medical home for the underserved in our community by providing high quality preventive and primary care health services.

ParkTree Community Health Center aims to be the medical home for under-resourced people by providing high quality preventive and primary health care. Serving as the medical home for patients is not to fulfill a new trend or to receive status – it’s to walk the walk and talk the talk to provide the best care possible to patients, their families and the community.

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South Central Family Health Center: Get Movin’ & Eat Right! Keeping Our Patients Healthy


South Central Family Health Center’s exercise and nutrition programs not only improve patients’ physical health, they foster a sense of community. Patients look forward to seeing their fellow participants and are building relationships while taking control of their health.

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Asian Pacific Health Care Venture: Helping Our Community Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Asian Pacific Health Care Venture

Like many Americans, Asian Pacific Health Care Venture patients struggle with diabetes, cardiovascular disease and the daily challenges of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Despite having lower body weights, the prevalence of diabetes among Asian Americans is three times greater than non-Hispanic Whites. Part of Asian Pacific Health Care Venture’s health education and advocacy is changing the relationship patients and even staff have with the food they eat.

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Bartz-Altadonna: Creating Partnerships for Healthy Kids


Bartz-Altadonna has created partnerships with the Lancaster School District to help give 7th graders in the Antelope Valley access to TDAP shots. These partnerships continue to grow and more kids are accessing these shots, some through the use of mobile clinics.

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The Achievable Foundation: Care Models for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

The Achievable FoundationThe number of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) such as autism, intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, epilepsy and Down syndrome has increased dramatically in the past decade. The Achievable Foundation has partnered with The Chicago School of Professional Psychology to implement an innovative, community-based training program to develop clinicians and leaders in the field of clinical psychology for individuals with I/DD.

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Venice Family Clinic & RAND partner for SUMMIT Study to Improve Substance Use Treatment

Venice Family Clinic

Primary care is an ideal setting in which to treat substance use disorder. Primary care providers are usually the first contact most people have with the health care system, and most people visit their primary care provider at least once every two years. Substance use treatment also offers an opportunity to further integrate services offered at a patient-centered medical home – allowing health centers to overcome barriers to access and care delivery, and better meet the needs of patients.

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East Valley Community Health Center: Using Innovative Methods to Create Healthier Individuals and Communities

East Valley Community Health Center

East Valley Community Health Center believes health care should not only focus on treating medical issues when they arise, but educating our patients about disease prevention and healthy lifestyle choices. East Valley has launched many new programs, classes, and activities that focus on the importance of making healthy choices.

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Clinica Mons. Oscar A. Romero: Creating Opportunities to Lead and Make a Difference

Clinica Mrs. Oscar A. RomeroAt the heart of every clinic are its patients. They come in with aches and pains, with a desire to be healed, and at times to find a sense of purpose. When patients enter the doors of Clinica Mons. Oscar A. Romero, each patient not only has access to quality care, but also an opportunity to lead and make a difference in their lives.

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Los Angeles Christian Health Centers: Understanding the Connection Between Health Care and Housing

LA-Christian-Health-Centers_CameoFor patients who are experiencing homeless and able to make it to a Los Angeles Christian Health Center (LACHC) clinic, LACHC provides social services to help make a way to housing and health. For those unable to make it to a clinic, LACHC reaches out through street medicine in partnership with agencies striving to help the most vulnerable by providing supportive housing with on-site healthcare.

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Harbor Community Clinic: A Newly Granted FQHC With 45 Years of Experience

Harbor Community ClinicBeginning as a “storefront” in 1970 and catering to the needs of women and children, Harbor Community Clinic is now a comprehensive medical home to more than 5,500 men, women and children residing in San Pedro and surrounding communities. Harbor Community Clinic offers a wide array of healthcare services as well as referrals to ancillary and specialty care, plus enrollment assistance, all at low- or no-cost.

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Antelope Valley Community Clinic: Community Comes Together to Create a Solution

Antelope Valley Community ClinicAntelope Valley Community Clinic was created by the community to provide comprehensive high-quality health care services, including prevention and education, with special emphasis on the medically underserved and populations with low incomes.

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T.H.E. (To Help Everyone) Health and Wellness Centers

T.H.E. Health and Wellness CentersThe mission of T.H.E. (To Help Everyone) Health and Wellness Centers is to improve the health and well-being of the Los Angeles communities they serve by providing excellent and affordable preventive, primary and behavioral health care, accessible to all. Part of the model is teaming up with LAUSD to provide access to care for students and those in the community.

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QueensCare Health Centers

QueensCare Health Centers
QueensCare Health Centers has a mission to provide quality primary health care and has introduced programs and services that address a range of whole person care to help meet that mission. From chronic disease management to dental services, pediatric weight management, and care coordination teams, QueensCare Health Centers is at the forefront of community health care innovation.

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