Posted: January 10, 2020

LOS ANGELES – January 10, 2020 – Today, California Gov. Gavin Newsom unveiled the 2020-21 state budget proposal totaling $222.2 billion, with resources allocated towards programs important to community health centers and the patients they serve.

We applaud the Governor for taking the bold step of allocating funding to expand health care coverage to California’s elders, regardless of immigration status. We are extremely pleased to see continued investments toward achieving the vision of health care for all Californians.

The resources for health centers to offset losses associated with the transition of the Medi-Cal pharmacy benefit are a promising first step toward making clinics whole. We look forward to continued engagement with the administration to ensure that last year’s pharmacy proposal does not harm safety net providers or their patients.

We are also encouraged to see investments in critically needed areas such as housing and homelessness, early childhood development, strengthening behavioral health, and efforts to transform the Medi-Cal program to better meet the needs of California’s diverse population. We look forward to engaging with the administration, the legislature, and our partners and stakeholders to advance our common goal of providing coverage for all, reducing health disparities, and improving the health of the population.

THE COMMUNITY CLINIC ASSOCIATION OF LOS ANGELES COUNTY (CCALAC) is the largest regional association of community clinics and health centers in California. Founded in 1994, CCALAC has 65 members that serve nearly 1.7 million patients throughout LA County. CCALAC is dedicated to serving and representing the interests of its member clinics as providers of quality health care, including medical, dental and pharmacy services. For more information about CCALAC, visit or call (213) 201-6500.

Contact: Joanne Preece, MPH – Director of Government & External Affairs, (213) 201-6515.

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