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Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County

Training Center Policies

CCALAC’s Training Center is proud to host a variety of training offerings throughout the year that meet our member’s needs. Our goal is to provide you with the most relevant, effective and engaging trainings for community health center staff. Effective February 2, 2019, we will honor the following:

Cancellation Policy

The Training Center cancellation policy requires advance notification. Effective February 2, 2019, any training event which occurs on or after the effective date will be held to the following cancellation terms and conditions.

  • Cancellations received on or before 20 business days of the event will result in a full refund;
  • Cancellations received on or between 15-19 business days of the event will result in a 50% refund;
  • No refunds will be offered for cancellations received on 14 business days before training event.

To request a refund, all cancellations must be in writing and must be received by emailing according to the listed schedule.
Cancellations after the conclusion of the event are non-refundable.
Substitutions are encouraged but must be from within the same organization.
“No Shows” are non-refundable.

Invoicing Policy

Our policy is “Payment Due upon Registration”. All trainings and events should be paid for upon registration. The invoice option will still be available; however, effective February 2, 2019, the option is only available on courses with tuition greater than or equal to $100.00. All balances are due upon receipt of the invoice with an immediate 30-day grace period.

Waitlist Policy

If an in-person event sells out due to limited capacity, the training team will maintain a waitlist to reallocate any spots that become available. We encourage you to submit a waitlist request for one member of your staff only as to expedite communication if a spot should open. All waitlist requests must be made in writing and sent to Once staff is notified of an opening, the first entry on the waitlist will be notified via phone call or email and will have until the end of the next business day to confirm by replying to the email. If confirmation is not received by the end of the next business day, the open spot will be given to the next entry on the waitlist.

Note: If there are fewer than 5 business days before the event, the confirmation time frame will change to the end of the same business day.