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Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County

On-Site Training Opportunities

CCALAC has a variety of trainings available to come on-site to your clinic.

Non-Violent Crisis Intervention

The Non-Violent Crisis Intervention® program is considered the worldwide standard for crisis prevention and intervention training. This training will introduce clinic staff to strategies for workplace violence prevention.

As a result of this training, participants will:

  • Identify behavior that indicates an escalation toward aggressive and violent behavior.
  • Learn how to take appropriate measures to avoid, decelerate, and/or de-escalate crisis situations.
  • Assess the level of risk associated with crisis behavior and make appropriate decisions related to the management of such risks.
  • Use suitable and acceptable physical interventions to reduce or manage risk behavior.
  • Identify the impact of crisis events and describe post-crisis responses which can be used for personal and organizational support and learning.

Training time: 6 hours (can be split up over multiple sessions)

Contact Kaleigh Cornelison, Training Coordinator, for prices and scheduling.