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The Best Laid Plans for the Worst Case Scenarios: Managing the Peculiar World of Clinic Emergency Preparedness

Posted: September 9, 2015

By Jason Wang MPH, CHSP, CHEP, Safety Officer and Special Projects Program Manager
Northeast Valley Health Corporation

Jason Wang NEVHC
Jason Wang MPH, CHSP, CHEP Northeast Valley Health Corporation

“Emergency preparedness matters.”
“What I do matters and is essential to this organization.”

Like many Emergency Planners, I find the need to remind and reassure myself that my emergency preparedness work matters to my organization. Sometimes emergency preparedness is given the highest priority, especially amidst unusual crises like Ebola or Measles. But more often than not, emergency preparedness is considered low priority in the grand scheme of things. The rollercoaster level of importance; sometimes high or sometimes low, can be frustrating but it is what makes this type of work so interesting.
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