The Role of Health Centers in Voter Engagement

Posted: September 24, 2020
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This page contains key information and resources surrounding voter registration activities. The purpose of these resources is to encourage and aid health centers in registering patients to vote, keeping patients informed, and communicating the importance of participation. 

Californians have the option to Vote by Mail (VBM), vote early in-person, or vote in-person on Election Day for the November 3rd General Election.


*Mailing of Vote by Mail ballots in all elections begins 29 days prior to Election Day*

  •    October 19, 2020: Last day to register to vote. Check voter registration status here.
  •    November 3, 2020: General Election
Vote by Mail

Beginning with the November 3rd General Election, all registered voters will receive a VBM ballot to ensure a safe and accessible voting option during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mailing of VBM ballots in all elections begins 29 days prior to Election Day. Ballots can be submitted by mail, in person at any VBM drop box location, and at any Vote Center in LA County. If a ballot is postmarked by Election Day and received within 17 days of the election date, the ballot will be processed, verified, and counted in the election. LA County has created a flyer with that instructs voters on how to return a VBM ballot. Click here to view how to track a ballot and request a ballot in a language other than English. LA County provides full language service and/or assistance in up to 18 multilingual languages.

Vote In-Person

California law requires the state to offer safe in-person voting options during the COVID-19 pandemic. LA County will provide safe and secure Vote Centers that follow all of the public health and safety guidelines, such as social distancing of 6 feet, election Workers wearing protective gloves and masks, wiping down surfaces and Ballot Marking Devices after every voter, and limiting the number of voters in the voting area at one time. In LA County, voters 10 days prior to Election Day and Election Day to vote in-person at any participating Vote Center in the County. During the voting period, Vote Centers will be open from 8 AM to 5 PM during the 10 days prior to Election Day and from 7 AM to 8 PM on Election Day.

NACHC Voter Registration Campaign

In honor of Civil Rights and Voting Rights icon and CHC champion, Congressman John Lewis, NACHC is launching a voter registration campaign. NACHC is partnering with non-profit VotER to build this capacity within the health center movement. Every CHC will receive 2 clings (removable stickers) with QR and text codes that will direct patients, staff, vendors and supporters to a link to register to vote. NACHC will be hosting a state-by-state competition, stay tuned for information.

There are two ways you can access additional resources for your health center:
1. Sign up for your Healthy Democracy Kits unique to your Health Center here. There is a free digital option and a paid option if you instead want a physical version – both come with monthly reporting of how many patients you’ve registered.
2. Sign up for your Free Voter Registration Posters and Patient Handouts in English and Spanish branded uniquely for your Health Center here.

COVID-19 Voting Resources
Health Center Resources
LA County Resources
Additional Partner Resources
CCALAC’s “Voting in a Pandemic” Training Resources
CPCA’s “How CHCs can Promote Civic Engagement to Patients in 2020” Training Resources
Do you want to host a voting center demonstration at one of your clinic sites?

If so, please contact Phillip Verbera at or Michael Iturralde at to get a demonstration scheduled before the November 3rd General Election.

Please contact Erika Rogers at with any questions.