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Posted: February 21, 2023
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The objective of the Coleman Associates approach is to find new ways of working that improves productivity (i.e., the capacity to see patients), increase patient access, reduce patient waiting time, develop teamwork, improve staff satisfaction, develop patient-centered medical homes, and optimize the use of technology wisely. The DPI™ program is a cutting-edge collaborative training approach that teaches best practices of work processes. To improve the patient experience, to truly feel the effects of Patient-Centered Medical Home recognition and to stay successful in the ever-evolving and competitive health care market a clinic must provide access to primary care providers for patients, facilitate continuity of care, continually reassess roles and responsibilities in the clinic workplace and improve office efficiency dramatically. However, systematic barriers as well as staff training inconsistencies allow the organization to perpetuate a dis-jointed, retrofitted approach to care and leads to dramatic waits for patients, staff frustration, and decreases patient satisfaction as well as health outcomes. The challenges dramatically decrease the efficiency and satisfaction of the staff and providers often leaving them feeling “besieged” by patients and overworked by the system. 

All of the planned topics for the webinars will focus on in-office and remote tactics but the emphasis for each session will be on telehealth and the changes required to make an effective telehealth system work within the care team and the practice as a whole.  The webinars will provide care team members greater confidence in the job expectations and their own ability to meet those expectations such that they can competently follow the model of care seen in outstanding practices in supporting the provider and the Patient Care Team. 


  • Learners will learn how to apply best practices for team-based care with a focus on telehealth visits. 
  • Learners will apply best practices to their own visit preparation processes. 
  • Learners will learn how to ramp up communication among Patient Care Team Members. 
  • Learners will apply a methodology for testing and evaluating new ideas. 

The intended audience of these workshops is to reach MAs, however, RNs, PAs, NPs, clinic managers/other leadership, or physicians may benefit. 


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Trainings and Links

Week 1: Introduction and the Art of Preparation 
Video | Slides

Week 2: Telehealth – Role of the MA
Video | Slides
Robust Confirmation Call | password: Colem@nDPI20

Week 3: Telehealth – Dancing as a Patient Care Team – Part 1 
Video | Slides
Jockey-ing the Schedule | password: Colem@nDPI20

Week 4: Telehealth – Dancing as a Patient Care Team – Part 2 
Video | Slides

Week 5: Dancing as a Patient Care Team – Part 3
Video | Slides
CDC communication signs
Principles of Redesign
Team Dance video | password: T3amD@nce
Team Dance Article

Week 6: Searching for Demand
Video | Slides
Outreach Opportunities Tool | Polishing the Schedule Telehealth Considerations
Patient Visit Mapping
Patient Visit Tracking
Walkie Talkie Primer