Emergency Management Radiological Preparedness Seminar

July 31, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
CCALAC Offices
700 S Flower St #3150
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Kaleigh Cornelison

This seminar will help staff who oversee their clinics emergency management program prepare for the 2018 Statewide Medical and Health Exercise (SWMHE) this coming November. The topic for this years SWMHE scenario will focus on a hypothetical radiological event. As radiation preparedness is a foreign concept to many, this training will offer basic education and training specific to radiation management for clinics and help provide tools for engaging in the 2018 SWMHE.

Audience: Participants in the 2018 Emergency Management Program (limit 2 staff per agency)

This seminar will include:

  • Brief overview of the 2018 Statewide Medical and Health Exercise
  • Introduction to radiological preparedness basics
  • Training on radiation and nuclear basics
  • Example of how a clinic can take part in a full-scale exercise

Presented by Omari Battles, Emergency Management Coordinator, CCALAC, Tanya Ridgle, Principal Radiation Protection Specialist, Los Angeles County Radiation Management, & Terry Crammer, Chief Disaster Services, Los Angeles County EMS Agency. 

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