Lunch and Learn Webinar Series: Birth History Documentation- OCHIN

August 5, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
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User Group Member $50, non-user group $75 per session
Training Center

We are pleased to announce a NextGen Provider Training Webinar Series in partnership with OCHIN. This series is intended to train Providers on best practices for commonly used templates and workflows in order to advance user knowledge of the system and improve overall efficiency.

This webinar will review the various ways to access the Birth History template and how to enter a patient’s birth history information. The webinar will also help explain how the Birth History information relates to other areas of the patient’s chart, such as Growth Charts and vital signs template.

Participants will:

  • Enter the details of a patient’s birth history information on the Birth History template.
  • Understand where to document that a patient has Turner syndrome or Down syndrome on the Birth History template.
  • Understand how the gestational age entered on the Birth History template relates to the premature status of the patient.
  • Understand how the documentation entered on the Birth History template is related to the NextGen Growth Charts.
  • Understand various areas where to generate and print the patient’s growth charts.

Presented by Teresa Weir, BSCIS, Trainer/Educator III, OCHIN

Pricing Information: If you are a part of the NextGen User Group, a single training webinar is $50 a session per location. Save money and purchase all 8 trainings for $300 per location.

Non-User Group registration costs $75 for a single webinar training per location and $500 if purchasing all 8 sessions per location.

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